Place and Pipelines:
The Northern Gateway Pipeline and our Home Places

The proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline has become a controversial issue for many Canadians, especially in British Columbia. At it's heart, the issue is a face-off between the economic benefits of resource extraction and risks to the environment, with the question of regional democracy and First Nation sovereignty thrown in for good measure. This site provides a number of resources that discuss these issues, along with the ideas of home, sense of place, and culture.

Story Map. Take a guided tour.

Visit the Northern Gateway Story Map and take a step-by-step tour from Alberta's Industrial Heartland, to the coast of British Columbia, and on to the Islands of Haida Gwaii.

Visit Story Map
Link to Story Map

Short Video. See for yourself.

This short video describes the Northern Gateway Project and the Environmental Assessment process. It includes quotes from the Joint Review Panel Hearings and photographs from along the pipeline and tanker routes.

Watch the Video

Free eBook. Read the details.

This free eBook takes a deeper look at the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project, explains the project itself, the Canadian Environmental Assessment process, and some of the politics that surrounded the Joint Review Panel hearings. It then combines a travelogue of a journey along the pipeline route with photographs and selected quotes from the Joint Review Panel Hearing.

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Interactive Mapping. Explore the Landscape.

Interactive maps can be a great way to explore a region. This dedicated site is based on the GeoLive platform and is populated with markers containing photographs, locations of the Joint Review Panel hearings, and selected quotes. Log in and add your own markers to the site

Interactive Map

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